PROJECT: Brekkie Sthlm            Identity & branding

GRAPHIC ELEMENTS & TOUCHPOINTS: logotype, typography, colour palette, pattern, and delivery packaging (boxes, bags, tissue paper, stickers, etc).

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Created at Kuudes Stockholm
Identity proposal for Brekkie Sthlm – manufacturer and distributor of a personal, healthy and quality-oriented breakfast for both small and large businesses.

Brekkie Sthlm needed a more credible, professional and sophisticated brand; being a fast-growing company, the identity had to be prepared for an international market, as well as communicating all nice things with the most important meal of the day.

The colours are inspired by morning light, with warm and sophisticated tones, while the typography contrasts by drawing inspiration from the strong character of coffee. To own all aspects of the morning, and to make the service more catered to the end-customer’s needs, the menu choices were adapted to different breakfast times; lighter options for the early birds, and heavier breakfasts later on.